Westminster Choir

We discovered several records from the 1950s of work by Harold with the Westminster Choir. The only information we have about these is what was on the labels of the records themselves. The records were unusual early versions of "long play" 33 1/3 RPM records. Instead of the 12" records that eventually became the standard, these were only 10" in diameter, and the back of the record was smooth with no recording grooves.

These recordings were extracted from the vinyl records by Raymond Lutz on 2008-11-27.

(Click the small play arrow to play each recording.)

Record 1: Listen to the Lambs

Listen to the Lambs "By the Westminster Choir, 1st Church 11/18/56"

Listen to the Lambs by Nathaniel Dett

Record 2: Virgil Thomson's ALLELUIA -- Westminster Choir, 4/27/58

Alleluia Westminster Choir, 4/27/58.

Westminster Choir, 4/27/58, Virgil Thomson's ALLELUIA